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If you are a barbecue enthusiast or hobbyist, and you are considering entering a barbecue contest or becoming a vendor at a barbecue festival, it is best to have a great grill or smoker to practice on at home so that you can be prepared to beat the competition. There is a lot of competition out there and it is important to be able to stand on your own and be in the know and have the right tools, and those tools begin at the best BBQ Grill Store OKC.
The management and staff at the BBQ Grill Store OKC are highly trained by the reps of the most popular brands of smokers and grills in the world. They can compare and tell you the pros and cons of every single grill and smoker in the store so that you can make the most informed decision about what you purchase.

The BBQ Grill Store OKC can also offer you the lump coal and the utensils and everything else that you may need in order to make the most of your experience at home or in the field while competing. You can purchase sauces and rubs and dust for your food that you will be grilling and if you use one of the name brands, you may even be able to get them to sponsor you as a competitor or as a vendor. You will be helping each other out by wearing a shirt or hat with their logo and displaying their products on your table next to your grill and smoker and the food you have cooked. If it is good, people will want to buy the products and make it themselves. It is a winning situation.

Make sure you let everyone know that you can buy the grills and smokers and sauces and rubs and dust at the BBQ Grill Store OKC in the Oklahoma City metro area of Bethany on historic Route 66. They can visit the man cave inside the store and sample any of the sauces or other edible items before they buy them and on Fridays, they can enjoy trying them on fresh-popped popcorn. If you are trying to decide which festivals and competitions to enter, you can see the list below of some of the most popular around the country, or you can check in with the team at the BBQ Grill Store OKC and they can give you a list.

The state of Texas has a monthly meet up that is cleverly named MeatUp with a play on words with the word meat, because that is typically what you will be smoking when you compete. If you want to check it out before you enter it yourself, you only must pay seventy dollars to sample barbecue from the top fifty barbecue restaurants across the big state of Texas. They also have cold drinks and entertainment that includes live, local music.

You may not think of barbecue when you think of New York City, but believe it or not, the big apple has a barbecue festival by that very name. The big apple barbecue block party. It takes place in Manhattan, and it is a party that you do not want to miss, as it is much more than just a barbecue. One of the most popular barbecue festivals takes place in Kentucky and it is free to attend. The barbecue competition is held right along with a music festival, so it draws a big crowd, perfect for showing off what you can do and getting a lot of different opinions from the festival-goers.

Washington DC does not want to be left out of the mix when it comes to barbecue competitions; and what better place to compete when you have dozens of attractions to see and things to do before and after you work hard to feed the masses who attend this fun event? You do not want to miss out on seeing a giant inflatable pig that watches over the crowd as they eat and drink and have lots of fun. Trust me, there are not any politics involved in this competition! Manhattan is not the only place to compete for the best barbecue in the state of New York. Lake Placid holds an annual barbecue festival during the fourth of July.

California may be known as wine country, but you must eat too, and why not pair your wine with some barbecue. The BBQ Grill Store OKC even sells wine flavored sauces and rubs that you can use to enhance your food. This competition is intense and the cash prizes that go along with it match up to it. Head north to Washington state for their summer South Sound event for all you can eat barbecue.

The Carolinas also have a festival that is very serious, because they love their barbecue and they take preparing it and eating it very seriously.
When you hear Russia, you may not think of barbecue, but when it is in reference to a town in California, that all changes. Over thirty popular barbecue restaurants and even more breweries make this a popular event on locals’ calendars.

Kentucky has several competitions and festivals and one of the most popular takes place in a small town and even includes a bean eating contest, because what goes better with barbecue than beans? This is just a shortlist of the long list of festivals and competitions where you can travel to enjoy eating or making a barbecue. Visit the BBQ Grill Store OKC today and pick up everything you need to be the winner of the next one!