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When it comes to grilling steaks on the grill that you purchased from the BBQ Grill Store OKC, there are tons of sauces and rubs and dust that you can add to it to bring out the flavor or even add to the flavor of the steak. Lump coal can also enhance the flavor of the steak as it is being cooked on the grill.
For added flavor and for something more sustainable, you can add toppings to your steak as well. It could be something as simples as an herb or a spice or a seasoning, or it could be another food item that is placed on top of your steak but could act as a side dish.

Stop by your BBQ Grill Store OKC and speak with the staff and they can make suggestions as to what you should put on top of your steak. Garlic is a great topping. It can be grilled alongside your steak and added as a topping when they both come off the grill, or it can be minced and sprinkled over your steak while it is being grilled. Either way, it will add a punch of flavor that will leave your mouth watering for more. Adding a slice of butter on a hot filet is one of the greatest things in the world. Nothing is more mouthwatering and delicious. The more butter the better. Add some garlic salt to the butter and it will make it even better—if that is possible.

Lemon zest is great on fish and chicken, but try it on steak and see what you think of that flavor. It will make a heavy steak taste light and refreshing with a tangy twist. Parsley has a very distinct flavor that will change the flavor of a boring steak and really kick it up a notch. It is not for everyone, but if you are skipping the salad, you might like a bit of green on your meat.

Believe it or not, mint can be used as a steak topping. You have heard of mint jelly, right? Or mint leaves? Why not try either on a steak to give it a refreshing, minty taste. I can tell you now that this is not for everyone, but it does give it a unique flavor, that is not subtle by any means. Pouring cream over your steak might sound odd but to each his own. Just think of brown gravy or even white gravy. Both are made using heavy whipping cream, so if you think about it that way, it will not be so unusual.

Mushrooms are one of the most popular steak toppings that you will try, but there is a reason why! Mushrooms and steak make a great combination. You will find it on most restaurant menus, so why not try it at home and see if you can make yours taste just as great, if not better.

There are many herbs that can be added as a topping to give you steak a flavor. Many of those herbs can be found in the rubs and dust that you buy at the BBQ Grill Store OKC, but can also be found in your spice cabinet at home. Simply play around with one, or a combination of several to see what you end up liking.
Salsa is a nice change of pace for a steak if you want to give your dinner a southwest flair. You can eat some avocado and corn on the side (both of which can be cooked on the grill) or even sprinkle them on top of the steak for added toppings that will mix together into one bite and change the traditional way you have always eaten steak. Blue cheese is fabulous on top of steaks. Especially if you toss it on while the steak is still hot so it melts and tastes nice and gooey. Any way you eat it, you will love it. It might be your new favorite steak topping.
Olives make a great steak topping, especially if you take a variety of different types of olives that all have a different flavor to them and mix them together to make a tapenade.

Just like putting tomatoes on a burger, you can add tomatoes on top of a steak to give it a cool and fresh taste.
Do not put your wine in a glass, put it on your steak! Pouring wine over a hot steak will make it soak in and it will give it a great wine flavor. Jalapenos are great if you like your food spicy. You can grill them alongside your steak and they place them on top. Crabmeat is always a great choice of topping. Surf and Turf as they call it when you combine fish and steak together to make a meal. An egg over easy is delicious on a steak. Especially for breakfast, because grilling out should not be limited to lunch or dinner. Try steak and eggs for breakfast, or even for a brunch.

Now that you have an entire list of steak toppings to try, it is time to make a trip to the BBQ Grill Store OKC so that you can purchase all of your grilling supplies that you will need to start cooking your steaks. If you do not already have a grill, you can pick one up at that BBQ Grill Store OKC. They sell all of the most popular top brands of grills at the lowest price in the nation, guaranteed. The BBQ Grill Store OKC can even drop ship your grill to your front door free of charge if you live in the United States.