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The first step to grilling is to visit your local Grilling Supply Store OKC to pick up all your grilling tools and accessories that you will need to have a successful cookout for your friends and family. Once you have stocked up on everything you need from your Grilling Supply Store OKC, you can make a trip to the grocery store and pick up the things that were not available at the Grilling Supply Store OKC. That would be the actual food items that you plan to cook.

The first step is to dry the food that you are cooking. Most likely there will be a combination of condensation that has accumulated inside the package, and there could be moisture and blood from the meat that has pooled underneath the meat inside the package. Regardless of why it is moist, be sure to pat it dry before you season it.

Seasoning your food is important. It is vital to do this before you throw it on the grill so that you can cover it completely and let it marinade if needed. There are a lot of different spices and seasonings and herbs that you can use to add flavor to the food you are cooking. The Grilling Supply Store OKC has hundreds of sauces and rubs and dust for you to choose from, and they have a tasting bar inside their man cave that is inside their retail store and showroom where you can sample any and all of them and decide which one you like before you buy it.

Once you place your food on the grill, leave it alone. Do not open and close the lid of the grill too often because you will let the heat escape. Do not continually turn it or flip it because it will not cook correctly.
Once you have taken your food off the grill, let it sit for a bit before you eat it. As tempting as it may be to start eating it because I am sure your mouth is probably watering from the preparation to the actual grilling to taking it off the grill, that you are ready to dig in, but it is best to let it rest for a while. You should always take it off the grill a few minutes early and then let it continue to cook after you have taken it off the grill.

When it comes to eating beef, it is very important to slice it against the grain so that it is tender and easy to chew and digest. Beef is fibrous and can be hard to chew if cut incorrectly. Now that you have visited your local Grilling Supply Store OKC and you have stocked up on your grilling accessories and sauces and rubs and dust and you have stopped at the store and you have stocked up on the food you will need, and you know the steps involved in cooking the food, it is now time to get to know your grill. All grills are not created equally, so you must play around with your new grill and get to know how to use it so that your food will turn out.

When it comes to grilling utensils, it is best to use metal instead of plastic. Plastic will melt and it will absorb odors and stains, and metal is easier to clean and will last a lot longer than plastic. Be sure to oil your grill so that nothing sticks to it. Meat, especially raw chicken will stick to the grates of your grill so that it makes it hard to turn and flip when needed. A little bit of oil will go a long way in the success of your grilling food.

Wait a few minutes before you grill. Make sure your grill is nice and hot before you put the food on to cook it. That will ensure that it is cooked properly and thoroughly. Even though you will be using a meat thermometer, you will often rely on the time that it is on the grill instead of the actual temperature, so it is important to wait until it is ready to be placed on the grill before you begin cooking it.

Separate the raw food from the cooked food. This is one of the most important tips to remember. If you do not pay attention to any of the other tips and suggestions, be sure to remember this one. Food contamination can make you sick. Do not mess around with raw and cooked food. They make a bad and sometimes deadly combination.
Create different heat zones on your grill so that you can cook different types of food together for efficiency. Beef and Chicken cook differently and vegetables cook differently than meats. Use low heat to cook chicken thoroughly. Cook pork and beef over high heat.

Do not put water on your grill. The heat will make it burn and you will have a mess to clean up before you are able to place any food on it. Wrap vegetables in foil for them to cook properly. This will keep them from drying out and becoming hard to eat and it will keep them from losing their flavor. After buying what you need at the Grilling Supply Store OKC, and purchasing the food, and getting to know your grill, the final step in the process of grilling food, is to always keep your grill clean. If you do this the same day that you use it, it will be much easier, and it will take less time. If you wait a week until you decide to use your grill again, it will be harder, and it will take more time. Do not procrastinate when it comes to cleaning your grill.