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If you are thinking about having an outdoor kitchen installed in your backyard’s outdoor living space, you will want to visit your local Grilling supply store OKC Patio Galaxy to get everything you will need. Once you have everything pick out and purchased, you can have their sister company construction company PMH Perfect My Home build it for you at a discounted price and you will also receive a one hundred dollar gift certificate to purchase more items from the Grilling Supply store OKC Patio Galaxy like sauces, rubs, dust and lump coal and café lights and grilling supplies like utensil sets. The Grilling supply store OKC Patio Galaxy sells all the most popular name brands of outdoor living and outdoor kitchen supplies.

When it comes to what you want and need in your outdoor kitchen, your salesman from PMH Perfect My Home or the staff and management at the Grilling Supply Store OKC Patio Galaxy make recommendations, but it is ultimately up to you and what you are going to be using it for and what you will be cooking and if you will be entertaining guests on a regular basis or just yourself.

The number one item you will need, and if you are only able to purchase one thing, it should be a grill. A grill can be built-in or it can be freestanding and standalone next to your outdoor kitchen. There are so many different brands and styles that it might be overwhelming, but you will have plenty of people to assist you and to help you make that decision that you will leave the Grilling Supply Store OKC Patio Galaxy with the perfect grill in hand. They also drop ship to your door at no extra charge. And they offer the lowest prices in the nation.

If you plan to do a good portion of your cooking outside in your backyard’s outdoor kitchen in your outdoor living space, you will want to invest in some Side Burners that are like your indoor kitchen stovetop. That way you can cook anything from a pot of beans to boil a pot of water to cook pasta as well as the sauce.
Power Burners are nice to have because they have spaces for pots and fry pans. You can Sautee and cook exotic foods on a power burner.

A Searing Station is great for steaks so that you can cook them over an open flame. These are great if you do not have a traditional grill. Sinks are nice to have so that you can rinse foods before you cook them, like vegetables, or you can wash your hands easily and conveniently after you have handled raw meat instead of having to go back inside while touching doors and knobs and handles and possibly contaminating things along the way.

Doors are nice for storage because you can never have enough storage space inside or outside. You can store your pots and pans and anything else that you will be using outside that you want to keep clean and hidden away.
Drawers are like doors, a great place to store things when you are not using them. You can also get warming drawers, which are made to keep food warm after it has been cooked and taken off the grill and before you sit down to eat it. Warming drawers are also great for keeping towels warm if you have an outdoor kitchen built next to a swimming pool or a hot tub.

Trashcans are handy because they are built in to match your outdoor kitchen appliances and you do not have to mess with having one sitting outside separate from your kitchen that can get knocked over and can overflow and the trash could fly out in the high winds or get knocked over by pets and kids running around, or you could accidentally kick it over while you are outside cooking. With a built-in trashcan, you can wait until it is completely full before you must empty it. With separate trash can you have to empty it before you go inside so that nothing gets into it overnight or after you have gone back inside for the day. Rodents, stray cats, or neighborhood dogs could tear into it and make a mess on your patio. A pantry is great for storing food items that you will be using while cooking outside like steak sauces, chicken wing dust, and fish rubs.

Refrigerators are great for keeping food cold as well as drinks. If you want to have the full outdoor kitchen experience, you will want to include a mini-fridge to store things that you want to keep cold. Vent hoods are great for keeping smoke at bay. They are not as necessary outside as they are inside, but they still come in handy when you will be cooking things that produce a lot of smoke.

Ice bins are nice to have for drinks. Another reason to not have to go in and out of the house constantly where you could let cold air out and hot air in and track dirt into the house. Cocktail stations are a bonus item and a luxury item at that. If you plan to entertain, or you just like to drink, a cocktail station is ideal for mixing drinks and serving cold beers to your guests. You can set up a margarita bar or a bloody mary bar.

There are so many options out there that you can make your outdoor kitchen rival your indoor kitchen.
Call the Grilling Supply Store OKC Patio Galaxy today to set up an appointment to meet with the manager to make your selections. You can also call PMH Perfect My Home and they will set up an appointment for your free estimate for your outdoor kitchen.