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Hot Tubs Edmond

Your patio galaxy we believe we have some of the best spas and hot tub surround. People come to us anytime at four Hot Tubs Edmond . Wide selection of different types of spas final is perfect for your price and make sure that it has all of the features you want. You can add some features you leave some out the matter what would make sure we give you the features that you want at the price available.. We have some that are on sale and we are to make sure that we are competitive each and every time you buy something from us.

One of our top and best price spas is our Serenade. It is a one dimension spa which means this going to have some of the cleanest water and the best sanitized and purified water around. As you leave you feeling good easier to come out so that you don’t smell bad and you don’t have as much chemicals on your body. We have multiple different colors that you can get for the shell color the inside you can have a white you can have a great can have a moonstone that doesn’t stone or you can even get a smoked marble. Smoke can be targets can be hard to see dirt having excellent article. A variety of shell colors is why people choose us for Hot Tubs Edmond .

We also have some different colors of the skirt color the outside part we have a driftwood gray a vintage cedar as well as a midnight maple. So the features of this hotel is a seating capacity of 2 to 3 people. Have 18 different jets as well as one high-performance lounge. That means you need to get on there have that water spray back so you can feel comfortable in good throughout the day. The dimensions of this gender can be 83″ x 66″ this can be 30 inches tall. Can have lunch at therapy pillow and one tactile therapy. You have a clear zone process can make sure the water is nice and clean at all times.

Is also to have a multicolored LED mood lights he can set the mood anytime you want. If you would like we can update that to the Crystal FX lighting and we can even update actually absent Bluetooth zero systems in your spot. If you have 100% foam insulation to make sure that stays warm at all times you have to spend extra money getting it up over and over again. This hot tub when there’s no water is getaway 460 pounds when there is water in it way 2042 pounds. The capacity of this spot is 190 gallons. We can help set this up for you delivered to you if you need a concrete slab in the countryside need to make sure you have the right power outlet can even install it parallel for you. Make sure that you have everything you need to be set up for success.

Going reach out to us at or 405-493-6544 so you can see why people choose us over and over again and why we long to be the place you go to for your Hot Tubs Edmond . Can’t wait to work with you and show you excellent customer service.

Hot Tubs Edmond

Here patio galaxy we have so many different things that we can offer to help improve the quality of your backyard. We connected spas with Your fire pit outdoor kitchen we can give you some shelving and after a TV matter what it is we would love to be able to increase your outdoor space and help you have the perfect place to spend time with your family. Consider us to be the best place for Hot Tubs Edmond.

One of the spas we offer is called the journey. The journey spa is a dimension one spa as all of our spas are dimension ones. We pick dimension was because we believe that they are perfect high-quality spas that are able to give you excellent clean water at all times. The journey is one of our perfect once because it has been seen on countless TV shows and is known as the hangout to. So this is can be a circular swallowed makes it unique to be able to entertain up to forecast 4 to 5 people seating capacity depending on their size. Called a barrier free barrel style tub circle is not anything inside the pig..

So the dimensions of the fabric and a 78 inches in diameter scary 35 inches high. This can have an excellent number of chess for four people to have 20 jets can have one chat. You have a are always can have our clear zone approach means has the cleanest water that you get in a. You have a multicolored LED mood light with optional Crystal FX lighting is the optional Bluetooth stereo systems if you’d like to have some people over and enjoy extra sound system go ahead and update this to have the Bluetooth speakers on it. As you come in most of our colors. This is why people choose us to get there Hot Tubs Edmond.

Rosetta comes in for the skirt color the outside colors can have midnight maple as well as vintage cedar and driftwood gray. Insightful colors can become the standard smoked marble, as a result, the moonstone, ultralight gray as well as the life white. the weight of this hot tub when there’s water in the 500,000 is always can have installation so that you can keep at all times save money on electricity. Whenever there’s water inside the weight 2500 pounds and it has a water capacity of 240 gallons. We believe this is an excellent way for you to relax home from work by getting it hot to to add smart tubs that can turn it on and off control it with your smart phone so when you’re on your way home from work going to make sure that when you get home. Check us out for anytime you need Hot Tubs Edmond.

If you’d like to learn more about a company and see these hot go to or 405-493-6544 see why people choose a will give the best customer service was before you that we can listen to all of your needs. To give you exactly what you want.