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Here at patio galaxy we actually can tell you our answer the question how do I add discounts to my cart? The question is very simple and straightforward it’s actually on her checkout page if you’re looking to buy products on our website. So there’s a spot underneath the products on the right where you can actually add a promo code that you know. So there’s a certain product coding promo code anyone make sure and verify that it is actually gonna work for you and that is not an old chemical best thing to do is actually and need me either and ASCA sales are presented in store or just kill head and type it in and see if it works for you. Because we are be best place for hot tubs in OKC by far.

It was actually looking at products to your cart or maybe you’re looking to and create an account at hand by doing outlining your personal or your account on our website. So you can find an outline of a person. And then you can click it and then click add and you can create an account so that you can keep information items on your our site. So that means you can actually build your profile puts them at much wanted items in your own car and that by whenever you want to. It’s always best to make sure that any sale items you buy them before that sale is gone because then it might not apply to you buying it on the website.

So if you’re looking for the best place or somewhere by hot tubs in OKC but for a great a good price and I think it is actually visit her website call for pricing on most of our brands when it comes to spas and hot tabs. And they do very because we do carry a number of brands that they might differ from what the distributors and are asking us to sell them for. But you never know if there’s can be a sale on a certain spar hot tap.

To reach out to us today here at patio galaxy because we have the discount as well as we have the lion and bowl products at the lowest price. Add these products we do get straight from the warehouse of the lowest price and we actually will sell those products for a lower for the lowest price based on what the instruction are from that brand. So call us at 844-476-4652 for additional details and information about line and bowl products or about fire magic products.

It heals when understand more about right have any additional questions or come and maybe even concerns. Maybe such as do we have a membership or an account? And the answer is no we do not have to you do not have to have an account to buy from us online. It does make it easier to keep track of everything you want or you’d like to buy later on. To reach out to us today here patio galaxy one is able to earn your business and more fight God reaching out that she can find out more about hot tubs in OKC by calling 844-476-4652 or by calling today.

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That would make me sad but then I’d move on to a quick. Here at patio galaxy we have free shipping. And and is it really free shipping? Yes it is. Because there is free shipping on everything on our realtor retail store. But the only added costs onto the final sale is the price of tax. So and yes we do not like paint text but that means you have to pay for shipping. So that ultimately will save you a bit of money. Also we and what payment methods do we take? The answer is we take debit and credit cards. Those include American Express Discover card MasterCard Visa Apple pay PayPal and then even on the bottom of the webpages you will find a list of payment methods that are acceptable to us. We are the king at hot tubs in OKC.

Also if you want to know more about the brands that we carry as was a return policy and terms of service and also fun is on the website as quick links at the bottom of our webpage. Gives call today at patio galaxy to see if we can help you find a certain brand as well as help you find certain barbecue accessories to help your barbecue outdoor area feel complete. We are the premier hot tubs in OKC that everybody goes to especially being able to find the brand that you want.

In Casa 844-476-4652 or go to for additional details and information brands and so much more about return policy privacy policy and terms of condition. And terms of service are quite extensive saloon makes that we have all our ducks in a row to make sure you’re getting what you need as well as addressing any of those tough questions. If you want to be able to find more information or you want to know whether or not we ship anywhere you can find that those additional questions on her website on our frequently asked questions page.

If you want to know more about certain kitchen appliances that we carry feel free to go online. We would make sure that we business and actually create your own account you can also I fill up your cart with wanted items. But always be careful that a certain I am semi-be on sale want to be able to buy them before that sale and because it will not apply to your shopping it will apply to your shopping cart and walks over charge if you do not meet the deadline for that sale.

Besides hot tubs in OKC we actually carry brands such as big Green egg signature TV cabinets links lion fire magic and more. If you are looking right now for a line double door with towel rack or a line 32 inch stainless steel grill top or maybe even natural oak and hickory lump charcoal from big Green egg we’ve got it all right here on our website call us at 844-476-4652 or go to for more information about all the brands that we carry.