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The best place to find Hot Tubs OKC that patio galaxy where we have been the most experienced and highest rated outdoor living hot tub store. The reason why we are the highest rated because of our large showroom and dozens of options of hot tubs ready to be shipped out immediately. Our staff is experts in finding the perfect spa tub for you and your family in order to make your backyard the perfect oasis you’ve dreamed of. While people ask what makes dimension one’s pause so unique and what makes each hot tub so different from the rest and that is the adjustable therapy pillows, ultrapure water management system, light and water features. Our staff is highly trained to solve any problem or fix any question that you may have. Not only are we the highest rated we are also the most reviewed patio store and Edmond for over 10 years.

You should trust the experts of Hot Tubs OKC to help you find the right sound hot tub for your backyard. Our large showroom has not only dozens of hot tubs on display but also has different settings to help you imagine what it might look like in your backyard. The settings vary from different man caves to she sheds so that way you can help visualize whatever sort of hot tub or backyard furniture may look like in your own yard. This is what sets patio galaxy apart from the rest, is these illustrative settings in the display instead of having a road of tubs.

We make it easy to buy Hot Tubs OKC with our easy to talk to and communicate with sales staff. All our staff has been well-informed and brief about all our latest products as well as their benefits their cost and what sets them apart from the others. You describe our staff as very transparent, and transparency is something that we pride ourselves on at patio galaxy. The pricing that’s listed as discussed by on the spot, with prices that are right on the sheet. We believe in treating others how they want to be treated and this is something that we spread across all of our sales staff. We also offer 10% off of any hot tub purchase whenever you spend $7500.

A great way to find your perfect hot tub is through our hot tub buyers guide which walks you through what you may want out of a hot tub. The guide starts with having you fill out some information such as how tall is the most tall person in your family and different pains that the members of the family may be facing such as trouble sleeping and back pain. Our hot tubs can be used to treat some of these different conditions depending on the correct hot to be by the jets that come with it. We also want to make sure that we are buying within your budget and get a good size that works for all of your family to fit in at the same time.

Come visit our website at so that way we can do more information on the right hot tub for you. Or give us a call at 405-493-6544.

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If you are looking for Hot Tubs OKC the is your one-stop shop defining all your hot tub and backyard furniture needs. We have one the largest selections in the OKC admin area for different spas as well as grills, outdoor furniture, pallets, and much more. Our staff is some of the most well-trained and highly informed spa professionals so that way they can give you the information that you need to make the perfect purchase. Hot tub galaxy we believe in transparency which means that we believe in telling the customer out front. Because of this transparency we had a price listed directly on the hot tub and then we will discuss price right on the spot that way there is no confusion or no additional cost afterwards. We want every customer to walk in Ohio galaxy and feel safe and comfortable as if they are in their own backyard.

We made it easy to find Hot Tubs OKC with our well-trained sales staff as well as our large showroom with 15,000 sq ft.of different backyard settings that may represent how your backyard looks. We also have dozens of hot tubs ready to deliver on the spot that way the customer does not have to wait. We believe in if you buy it you should get it the same day. We stop by our website at can take a look at our hot tub buyers guide or are find my perfect hot tub tool in order to find the right tub. This includes some different questions such as how did you hear about us, what’s the best way to reach you, what information would be the most helpful to you such as a free buyers guide or information on health benefits. We also give plenty of information on financing as well as by phone, in-store, or in-home planning consultations.

A great way to find the perfect Hot Tubs OKC it is through our buyers guide located on our website. This has you fill out certain information to pinpoint what would be the best spa to benefit you and your family. Some of these different questions would include asking if you’d rather have a lounger open seating hot to, because this will matter depending on what you’re trying to use the tub for. We will also be asking how many people will be using the tub at the same time, you do not want to buy a tub for 7+ people whenever only five can fit in there. We can also get you the correct tub that would help you deal with any sort of pain your family may be challenged with. Our tubs can take care of things such as trouble sleeping, back pain, arthritis, sport injuries, stress, and much much more. Our sales staff face highly informed of all the little recent models of the hot tubs to make it easy to help you find the perfect time for you. They are also highly trained and informed on the pricing of these tubs to make sure that you’re buying within your reach, or to suggest a tub that might fit you more.

Head to our website at in order to get the free hot tub guide as well as check out some videos on the different tubs we offer. Or you give us a call at 405-493-6544 seems to get a representative about how we can help you today.