Lump Coal OKC | Why Lump Coal Should Be Purchased During Christmas in July?

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Lump Coal OKC is becoming more popular every day, and when customers find a place to buy it, they generally like to stock up on it. They typically have a favorite brand of lump coal OKC, and they become loyal to that brand. Patio Galaxy sells several popular brands of high-quality lump coal OKC, and it is offered in different sizes and can be ordered online twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, or purchased in-store six days a week, Monday through Saturday.

Lump Coal OKC makes a great gift for the barbecue lover in your life and a great time to stock up on it is during the month of July when you can use it or hang on to it until Christmas. Do you know the old saying about getting coal for Christmas if you have been bad all year? Well, lump coal OKC is the perfect gift for that person because it will get the point across, while still being able to give them a great gift.

Christmas time is also the best time to give that person who is loyal to a specific brand and likes to stick with one kind, a variety pack of lump coal OKC. That way, since they did not purchase it themselves, they will not feel bad about it, and they can try it out without feeling any shame about it.
Lump coal comes in a lot of different scents and flavors so that you can cater it to a specific type of food like beef, chicken, pork, fish, or veggies.
Jealous Devil is one of the most popular and sought-after brands of lump coal on the market right now, and Patio Galaxy sells it.

The packaging is quite striking with a red and black shiny bag and a man wearing a plaid flannel shirt holding barbecue tools and utensils and a giant steak in his hands. He is standing in front of a grill and there are flames everywhere. There is no doubt what this bag contains. Patio Galaxy also sells Big Green Egg Charcoal to pair with a Big Green Egg grill. A lot of men are like women are with their shampoo and conditioner. They like to stick with the same brands.

Coyote charcoal is another brand that they carry that they get calls for quite often. Like Big Green Egg, Kamado Joe also makes their own charcoal to go with their smokers and grills. Lump coal is called lump coal and not charcoal because it resembles lumps. It is basically wood that has been burned. Lump coal claims to be purer and that it is made without any extra chemicals or additives.

There has been a long-standing debate about lump coal versus charcoal and there are a lot of different pros and cons about both of them, so you really just have to decide which one you prefer over the other, because one thing that they both have in common is that they both have the same amount of positives as they have negatives. It really does come down to preference.

One burns longer, one is cheaper, one maintains the heat better, one produces more ash while the other produces far less. One can have a strong chemical smell, and one does not burn as hot. One is all-natural, one is quicker and easier to light, one is easier to adjust to the temperature, one is more consistent in size and one is not, one is more expensive, and one burns faster. You get the picture.
The things that make one great and the other one bad, make the other one better and the other one worse.
You cannot go wrong with either one.

If you are new to the barbecue business, whether personally or professionally, you can visit the Patio Galaxy retail store and the management and staff can discuss the similarities and the differences between both lump coal and charcoal and they can tell you about the different brands of each.
Patio Galaxy also sells smokers and grills. You will have to have one of those in order to have the need to buy coal. If you are buying the good stuff, you might as well invest in a good grill. Patio Galaxy can fix you right up! They have the largest selection of grills at the lowest price in the nation.

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