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OKC Hot Tubs

OKC hot tubs; Patio Galaxy offers an abundance of different services. From landscaping to fire pits, pools, retaining walls, hot tubs all the way to fool pavilions and kitchens. Two fireplaces. No job Is too big or too small to work in. We have the most experience and highest rated and most reviewed outdoor living company in Oklahoma. We offer 100% financing available. We also have multiple and many five-star reviews. We have two locations currently but were always trying to expand and grow.

We understand that turning your backyard into a perfect oasis isn’t necessary or needed. However those kids are necessary and in need. We want to be able to help others that can’t help themselves. We are extremely proud and thankful that we get to donate $38 to compassion.com for every completed project. $38 can help you support a young child. Internationally they need a lot of help. They cannot provide in changing support with our donation.

They will have the ability to go to school and get a real education. They will receive medical care, a lot of the time it’s lifesaving medical care. There start receiving nutrition and healthy food. Three meals a day. And we will have ongoing mentorship and training. We will lead them into God’s faith. So that they can grow in God’s word. OKC hot tubs; Patio Galaxy believes in giving back to our community because we know God has given back to us tenfold. God is good, and we went help spread to our international youth. As we grow we want to give more to other nonprofit communities. You can always read more about this nonprofit. You can always go to their website. Their website is www.compassion.com.

We have 100% back satisfaction guaranteed rate. OKC hot tubs have finance options that range from $50 dollars all the way to $100,000 Dollars. We are not saying you need all that much but we do have the financing options available for you. We only have one mission here at Patio Galaxy. Our mission is “To put people first, build leaders, and serve our customers by getting more valuable in providing exceptional service.” We want to be able to put you first, with our positive, family oriented attitude. Give you the best quality service ever. Will be very thorough and pay attention to the small details of our work.

Give any questions concerns comments, or you want to find your free quote. You can always reach us on our website. I website is patiogalaxy.com. On there, you can also find our store. Of course, if you’d rather contact us by our cell phone number. Our cell phone number is (405)493-6544. We away and look forward to your phone call. We can’t wait to help you find what you want for your perfect oasis and to perfect your home. We look forward to working with you in treating you like family, because we only want the best for our family. We only provide the best quality service.

Okc Hot Tubs | Transparency Is Key.

Patio Galaxy, and are OKC hot tubs believes that transparency is key. We hate when someone gives us false hope, and then doesn’t tell us the full story. We are not going to do that to you. What help you create your perfect oasis right in your backyard. We have a ton of experience. We are the highest rated and most reviewed after living store in Oklahoma. We have amazing reviews and amazing five-star rating. I website you can always go look at our reviews of our customers. It really shows before and after skills, and the journey they went there with us. Despite us that we were so supportive.

Every completed project we do we donate $38 to compassion.com. Compassion.com, is a nonprofit website helps international kids. It helps them get into and continue their education, feed them and cherish and meal. Helps them get medical care, sadly it is must likely saving life medical care. They are really ill. It also helps them with training and maintaining. It also shows the way to God. The way to life. We believe that this is the perfect nonprofit to us to donate to because God is good. We believe in getting back to my community is because God has given back to us tenfold. If like this is the least we can do. So therefore with every completed project we donate $38 to them. To help a kid in need internationally.

We offer 100% financing available. I ranges from $50 all the way to $100,000. Therefore we can cover any and all oasis needs you want. Thus offer a huge amount of different services. From our OKC hot tubs and swim spas, all the way to the outside living and furniture. We sell smokers and grills, fire pits and fireplaces, all the way to full kitchens and pavilions. We are very knowledgeable in our service, and we just want to help you perfect your home. Create a state patient within minutes of just your backyard.

We only have one mission here at OKC Hot Tubs, and I mission as “the people first, build leaders, and serve your customers by getting more valuable and providing exceptional service close quote. We believe in giving you the best service available, whether that’s a transparency in our prices. The competitiveness in our prices. Our positive attitude, our family oriented values. The fact that we pay attention to the detail, and care and enjoy what we do.

If you have any questions concerns or comments, or if you’re ready to receive frequent you can always contact us anytime. You can locate our store and contact us on our website. Our website is patiogalaxy.com. Or if you would prefer instead, calling us by phone. Our phone number is (405)493-6544. We look forward to getting your phone call. And helping you create your perfect oasis and just in your backyard. No job is too small or too big for us. And we love what we do.