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If you are in search of OKC Hot Tubs come to Patio Galaxy because we have the right tub for you. Our business is been around for over 10 years helping different customers find the right fit for them in their backyard. We have over 15,000 ft.² showroom with loads of hot tubs ready to be viewed by you. Our sales staff is highly trained and informed on all our most current tubs as well as the different features of them. They also are knowledgeable on the differences of the tub in order to help suit you best with the right matching. If you are interested in looking at our buyers guide for more information you can visit our website at https://patiogalaxy.com/ see different videos and learn more.

We are known for OKC Hot Tubs because we are that most highest reviewed and highest rated hot tub and back yard furniture store in the OKC/admin area. If you are ever needing help setting up your backyard or creating a plan can come to our expert staff where they can show you different displays or different ideas that you can incorporate into your backyard immediately. Our displays are something that set us apart from the others because the displays mockup different backyards. The reason why our displays look like backyards is to try to help you visualize where your hot tub may go in your own backyard. They are meant to represent the customers backyard and the different taste in likings/give ideas to how you may further improve your backyard. Our staff also give free advice on how to spice up your backyard and make it more the perfect backyard that you always dreamed of.

No one can beat us for OKC Hot Tubs, because we simply give the best prices. At patio Galaxy we believe in transparency this means that the price is right up front and has no gimmicks or add-ons later. We take care of price discussion right on the spot price time listed right on the heart of. If you decide to buy that day you will figure out the full price that day and speak with our sales staff about it right on the spot.

How do you has one of the largest selections of hot tubs and backyard furniture in the OKC/admin area. We have over 21 different models of hot tubs to choose from as well as over 12 brands of barbecue grills in kitchen appliances on display and ready to buy as well. We even let you try out some of the different backyard furniture so that way you can really understand how it will work and if it is the right fit for you.

Make sure you head to our website at https://patiogalaxy.com/ so that way you can look at our hot tub buyers guide as well as different videos on the products. Our website will also demonstrate some of the different health benefits these tubs may give you. As well as give you information on our sales and how buying eights may work. You can also give us a call during business hours or on Saturdays 10 to 7 at 405-493-6544.

OKC Hot Tubs | The Perfect Fit

There are many reasons as to why we are OKC Hot Tubs highest rated store. It’s because we are transparent with our customers and make sure that we give them the right tub or spa that would benefit been the most. Our team is well trained and well informed on the different models of the tub as well as some the different functionalities it may have. We believe in giving you the right tub for you more than we believe in trying to sell you on something that you will not like. We also believe in buyers remorse which is where you walk out don’t buy something immediately in an already regarded this is something that we do not want to happen to you so you’d rather give you the information make you well-informed beginning.

When looking for OKC Hot Tubs you can head our website at https://patiogalaxy.com/, where we can give you are free hot tub buyers guide. We also offer a find my perfect hot tub information system, where you just fill out different information and give us your name and email and then we can send you the information once it’s been calculated and seen through our sales team. Send this information may include how tall is the tallest person in your family this is important because you need to get a deeper hot TokenTalk people’s that way the children were not set above the water. We are really focused on trying to get you the correct fit is perfect for you and your family.

We have the largest selection of OKC Hot Tubs this is because of our large display room which has 16 different models of hot tubs on display at once as well as an assortment of grills and other backyard furniture. Our showroom even includes different settings and mockup backyards even further the experience. Our showroom is something I definitely sets us apart from everyone else because of our different themes for each display. These schemes are meant to represent the customers backyard or even their dream backyard and give the customer different ideas of how the tub or furniture may look even in their own yard. Our staff is also well equipped to giving suggestions how they maim further improve the customers backyard with various appliances or furniture. At patio Galaxy. Committing to serving you and getting you exactly what you want so that way you can enjoy it and love it.

Patio Galaxy we believe in transparency which is one other unique things that diversify us from the rest. We mean transparency we mean we give you the price up front there are no fees or additional add-ons later that would change the price at all. We have the price listed on all of the displays right store or even online. This price is even discussed on the spot to further ensure that once the price is set then it will not change. We also offer 10% off any hot tub spend 7500 or more on a piece of furniture or different project for your backyard.

Come check out our website at https://patiogalaxy.com/ to learn more information about how we can help you today. Or give us a call at 405-493-6544 to speak with one of our trained representatives.