Oklahoma City Pool Supplies | Covering Your Pool With A Pergola

Oklahoma City Pool Supplies

Owning a swimming pool means having to purchase the necessary Oklahoma City Pool Supplies. Swimming pools are custom so they can be installed as small or as large as you wish. PMH Perfect My Home installs swimming pools and can give you a quote and work with your budget. You can have your swimming pool be as small or as large as you want it to be to accommodate your space or your budget. You will want to make sure you have enough money left over to purchase all your Oklahoma City Pool Supplies. You will also want to talk to PMH Perfect My Home about adding a pergola next to your pool. When it comes to purchasing a pergola, a half-pergola is something to strongly consider for a multitude of reasons. Pergolas are used for both decorative purposes and for functionality. Choosing between a half- pergola and a free-standing pergola can be a tough decision for some. PMH Perfect My Home is known as the “Home of the Half-Pergola”. These award-winning half-pergolas are becoming more popular with
homeowners because they are more functional and more affordable than free-standing pergolas.

Hundreds of Oklahomans have purchased half-pergolas over the years, and they love them. Swimming pools can be any shape you want. That is one of the advantages to having a swimming pool installed because you can make it a unique shape or choose from a variety of traditional shapes. PMH Perfect My Home has an excellent outdoor living team that can come to your home and advises you on
what size and shape will work best in your outdoor living space. PMH Perfect My Home even has a professional three-dimensional designer who can create a design to show you exactly what your liner picket pool will look like once it is completed and installed in the ground at your home in your outdoor living space so that you can make adjustments to the size and to the style and so that there will not be any surprises once the liner picket pool is installed.

The sales team at PMH Perfect My Home and the management and staff at Patio Galaxy can advise you on the type of Oklahoma City Pool Supplies that you will need. You cannot go wrong with having a swimming pool installed by PMH Perfect My Home with Oklahoma City Pool Supplies by Patio Galaxy and your family and friends will love coming over to your house to swim in your swimming pool. Swimming pools are great pools for the entire family and for any age of a person wanting to learn how to swim or a seasoned swimmer who loves to swim. Half-pergolas are designed and built in-house at PMH Perfect My Home and are created using western red cedar, the best cedar available. The talented team at PMH Perfect My Home can advise you on whether a half-pergola is right for you. Half-pergolas are stronger, and half-pergolas are designed for rain and snow drainage. When PMH Perfect My Home installs a half-pergola and ties it into the roof, the existing shingles are still able to be repaired at any time if needed. The work is given a three-year warranty. The half-pergolas are tied into the roof so that it looks seamless. The only drawback that you may find when it comes to choosing a half-pergola versus a free-standing pergola is the overall size. If you are wanting to cover a large space, or a swimming pool or an outdoor kitchen, you may want to go with a free-standing pergola because it will cover a larger space and give you more coverage from weather like rain and hail and falling leaves. If you simply like the look of the
four posts, you will want to go with a free-standing pergola. Otherwise, the decision is an easy one. Why not go with a half-pergola?

A half-pergola will save you money and you can use the money you saved to add more to your outdoor living space. Half-pergolas look great and they are unique and different. They can cover patio furniture or a barbecue grill or a smoker. They are perfect for when you need to take your dog outside to go to the bathroom and it is raining. You can stand underneath your half-pergola and stay dry. You can even purchase sod to place on your patio so that your dog can go to the bathroom underneath the protection
of the half-pergola. Polycarbonate roofing is not only designed for free-standing pergolas, they can be custom cut to fit a half-pergola. Half-pergolas can also have solid roofs on them. They can have slats that have small spaces between them or slats that have large spaces between them. It depends on what you like. You can

choose the look of your half-pergola. The only three differences between a half-pergola and a free-a standing pergola is that the half-pergola is tied into your roof, a half-pergola is smaller in size, and a half- pergola only has two posts. Other than those three differences, you are still getting the same product just in a smaller, half size.

PMH Perfect My Home has placed half-pergolas over hot tubs, and they are a perfect size. They look like they were meant to go together. They offer the perfect amount of protection. Even half-pergolas can be long in length, so even though they only have two posts, they could ultimately cover the entire length of an outdoor kitchen. Call PMH Perfect My Home today, or stop by their showroom located in Bethany Oklahoma along historic route sixty-six and make an appointment to have one of the salesmen come and advise you on which type and style of the pergola will work the best for your outdoor living space.

Now that you have met with the talented team at PMH Perfect My Home to schedule your pool install, and you have met with the staff at Patio Galaxy to arrange for your automatic delivery of Oklahoma City Pool Supplies, you will be ready to relax by the pool! Patio Galaxy also sells pergola accessories so you can purchase everything you need for your outdoor living space along with your Oklahoma City Pool Supplies.