Outdoor TV Cabinet | Picking a Stain Color for Your Outdoor TV Cabinet

Outdoor TV Cabinets

Patio Galaxy makes a handcrafted cedar outdoor TV cabinet that can be purchased in person, ordered online through the website, or over the phone, or as part of an outdoor living project that is custom-designed, built and installed by PMH Perfect My Home. After the outdoor TV cabinet has been purchased, you will get to choose a stain color, or you can keep it unstained and natural in color, which is a very light wood color.

Stain colors for your outdoor TV cabinet are as follows: cedar tone, redwood, oxford brown, black, dark oak, grey, white, or whitewash.
If you are placing your outdoor TV cabinet near another cedar project that PMH Perfect My Home or another construction company has built and installed for you, you will more than likely want to match the stain color. You can always choose a complementary color, and if you do not have anything to match or compliment, you can always pick your favorite stain color from the swatches, or you can go to the Patio Galaxy and PMH Perfect My Home showroom which has eighteen thousand square feet of outdoor living space projects, and see the colors in person, how they will appear in natural daylight or at night. You can always match your home as well.

The outdoor TV cabinet was originally made to fit over an outdoor fireplace, but they can also be mounted to a privacy wall or hung from a beam on a pergola. They are water-resistant with their bi-folding doors and tongue and groove method of construction. They have room inside to hide and hold remote controls, cable boxes, video game consoles, and soundbars. They are made to fit up to a seventy-five-inch television and can be mounted with a swivel bracket so that your television can be pulled out and moved around in any direction that you wish. Prices vary so please call for a quote or a free estimate.

All the cedar TV enclosures are made with magnetic clasps to keep the door securely closed, hook latches to keep the door open all the way, even when it is windy. Decorative handles that can be switched out to match your style of hardware. They are topped off with fashionable but practical and functional hinges. All cedar TV enclosures come with a one-year warranty on the workmanship. If you take care of it, it will last you a lifetime, and you can pass it down to your children, and they will pass it down to your grandchildren. You can purchase gallons of stain from Patio Galaxy to do touch-ups as needed to keep it looking brand new.

If you have a cedar fence installed by PMH Perfect My Home, they can hang the outdoor TV cabinet on that so that you can watch it from your swimming pool or your outdoor kitchen. Both of which PMH Perfect My Home, Patio Galaxy’s sister company retail store. When you have at least three different projects, you can purchase a backyard package, which will save you money. If you visit PMH Perfect My Home and Patio Galaxy’s showrooms, you can talk to the salesman about these different packages available.

Patio Galaxy sells more than just television enclosures. They also sell handcrafted cedar shutters that come both operational and stationary. They look great installed inside the PMH Perfect My Home privacy walls that can be attached to a pergola or a pavilion or as a standalone privacy wall that you may see next to a swimming pool. They also sell outdoor kitchen appliances in all the most popular major brands that will fit any person’s budget. Blaze, Lynx, Big Green Egg, Kamado Joe, Twin Eagles, Del Sol, Bull, Primo, Lion, Coyote, AOG, Fire Magic, and others.

They sell smokers and grills and barbecue sauces, rubs, and dusts in so many different flavors and varieties and brands that you will find something for yourself and for everyone in your family and on your wish list. You can check out their website and their social media pages to get more information about what they sell, which even includes pergola accessories like café lights and post bands. Patio Galaxy is a one-stop-shop that is open six days a week for all your shopping and barbecue needs.

The team that managers Patio Galaxy also works for PMH Perfect My Home, so you can work with them to create the outdoor living space of your dreams by getting a discount from both places when you purchase from one or the other. Half-pergolas that are tied into the roof that can have anywhere from one to six plus posts, freestanding pergolas, pavilions, outdoor fireplaces, privacy walls, cedar shutters, TV cabinets, outdoor kitchens, picket pools, swimming pools and gunite pools, fire pits, semicircle benches, composite decks, fences, railing, patio concrete, retaining walls, pavers, and flagstone, that are all custom-designed to fit your wants and your needs.

PMH Perfect My Home and Patio Galaxy have been in operation for over fifteen years and they are the highest-rated and most reviewed outdoor living space company in the entire state of Oklahoma. They are currently in the process of expanding their services to Texas, and from there they will be expanding into other cities and states across the United States. Call Patio Galaxy or PMH Perfect My Home today to schedule an appointment for a free estimate, and one of the salesman will walk you through our process and get you on your way to having the backyard of your dreams. The ultimate retreat to relax and enjoy a staycation all year long.