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Pool Supplies Near Me Okc

If you are looking for Pool Supplies near me OKC, you should stop at Patio Galaxy, the sister company
retail store for PMH Perfect My Home who is the number one highest-rated and most reviewed swimming pool builder and installer in the state of Oklahoma. If you are thinking about having a swimming pool installed or you just had a swimming pool installed in your backyard, it is time to stock up on all of the pool supplies near me that you are going to need now or in the near future.

The list of pool supplies near me is long but everything on the list is important to have on hand.
Water Test Strips are used to check the water chemistry of your swimming pool. There are other ways of
checking it, but water test strips are by far the quickest and easiest way to do it. Pool Shock is a water treatment that is used to treat swimming pools. Pool shock is used to remove things from your swimming pool like bacteria and algae and waste. If your swimming pool water has become cloudy, that is another reason to use pool shock to clear it up.

Algae Brush is used to brush the algae off the sides of the pool after it has built up and before it is
shocking. Sometimes shocking your pool only removes the loose particles that are in the water and hard
stuck on things need to be scrubbed off before you shock it so that it can be removed. There are special
brushes made to remove this type of debris.

Manual Vacuum is a handheld vacuum that are used to manually clean your pool. If your pool is small
or does not get very dirty, these manual vacuums are handy to have around and are quick and easy to
use, but if you have a big pool or it gets really dirty, you will want something more powerful and
automatic. Kind of like a vacuum cleaner at home versus a broom or having a robot vacuum cleaner to
clean your floors.

Multi-Purpose Surface Cleaner cleans the surface of your pool. It is multi-purpose because it cleans
multiple things from the surface of your pool. Filter Cleaner cleans the filter in your pool. The filter cleans your pool, but you must also clean the filter because eventually, they will catch all the stuff you are wanting it to catch before it causes problems. You must take care of the things that are taking care of your pool. Skimmers are great to have around and important to keep around because much of what you do not
want to end up in your swimming pool will eventually, if not automatically float to the surface, and a
skimmer is made to skim the surface and pick up and remove all of that stuff that is unwanted.
Pool Covers are great for keeping things out of your pool when you are not using it for long periods of
time. The longer your swimming pool is uncovered, the longer it will take to clean it out before you are
able to swim in it.

Automatic Pool Cleaners are unlike manual vacuums because they clean your pool automatically
without having to do a lot of manual work yourself. Accent Lights are nice to have around for ambiance and if you enjoy swimming at night. You will want to be able to see what you are doing when you are in the pool. It makes it safer to swim at night when you have lights. The Pool supplies near me OKC can recommend the best lights for your swimming pool.

Pool Critter Escape Ramps are wonderful if you tend to get frogs and toads and other small critters in your pool. It is better to give them help in getting out of the water before they drown and you must sadly find them floating, and then use a net to remove and dispose of them. Chlorine Pucks are the easy way to keep your swimming pool chlorinated. Just toss in a puck and it will dissolve and go to work.

Leak Sealer is exactly what it sounds like. It repairs leaks in your pool to keep the water from coming
out. Chemicals are like pool shock; they treat the water so that it is safe to swim in. You always want to make sure your swimming pool is safe and clean and that the water is healthy.

Pumps are installed in your pool to pump out what you do not want inside your swimming pool. They
work a lot like filters but in a different way. Filters are important because they do just that, they filter the water in your swimming pool. They filter out larger items that could clog your drains and cause flow problems to occur that could delay your swim time while it is being unclogged. It could also cause damage that could result in spending money to fix, or even a lot of time, or possibly a need for professionals.

A heater is something that is a luxury item. If you are going to be using your pool only during the hottest
days of the hottest months of the year, then you probably do not need to invest in a swimming pool
heater because the sun and high temperatures will heat it up naturally, but if you want to have the
the option of swimming comfortably more often, you will want to have a pool heater. The heat can be
adjusted to be warmer and hotter when you want and need it to be or turned off completely.

Slides are another accessory that falls more into the want than need category. If you have children who
will be using your swimming pool, you will want a slide for them to use to get more fun and enjoyment
out of the experience, but most adults will not need one.

Now that you have a list of the pool supplies near me OKC that you need and an understanding of the
items on the list, it is time to go shopping at the pool supplies near me OKC in Bethany.