Traeger Grills OKC | What Does Traeger Have to Offer?

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Traeger Grills OKC is the original wood pellet grill, and the entire line is available to purchase or order from Patio Galaxy in Bethany, Oklahoma, which is on historic Route 66. Not just anyone can sell Traeger Grills OKC. They will only allow the best of the best to sell their highly sought-after grills. They put interesting retail establishments through a rigorous vetting process before allowing them to stock and sell their grills in their store.

When you hear Traeger Grills OKC, you probably automatically think of a barbecue grill or smoker that you cook food on. That is exactly what a Traeger Grills OKC is, but that is not the extent of their product line of what they sell.
Pellet Grills are the most popular and most purchased items that they produce. Included in their line of pellet grills is their Pro Series, their Ironwood Series, their Timberline Series, the WI fire Grills, and their Portable Grills. Each series is popular and has its own unique qualities and features that make them just right for everyone who decides to purchase that series of Traeger Grills OKC.

Traeger Grills OKC also sells wood pellets that are made to work in conjunction with your Traeger Grills OKC to really enhance the flavor of whatever you happen to be cooking. The wood pellets come in a variety of different flavors including their Signature Blend, Oak, Apple BBQ, Alder BBQ, Hickory BBQ, Mesquite BBQ, Cherry BBQ, Texas Beef Blend, and Pecan BBQ. In addition to owning a Traeger and using their wood pellets, you can also season your meat or anything else you are cooking with one of their rubs or shakes. There is something for everyone’s pallet when it comes to spicing up or sweetening their food. Winemaker’s Napa Valley Rub, Traeger Rub, which is made with garlic and chili pepper, Pork and Poultry, which has an apple and honey flavor to it.

Chicken Rub, with notes of citrus and black pepper. Beef Rub that has molasses and chili pepper, Prime Rib Rub with rosemary and garlic. Blackened Saskatchewan Rub with garlic and their own signature spices. Coffee Rub, made with coffee and black pepper for a caffeine boost, and Fin and Feather Rub with garlic and paprika. Veggie Rub also has garlic and paprika, but no veggies! It is made to be put on veggies! Orange Brine and Turkey Rub kit and a BBQ Rub and Spices Sampler Kit make great gifts to give the BBQ lover in your life! Big Game Rub made with sea salt and Paprika, Jerky Rub made with sea salt and chili pepper, Cherrywood Smoked Salt, and Bloody Mary cocktail Salt that can be placed on food that you are grilling wrap up their long list of rubs.

If you prefer a sauce over a rub, do not worry, Traeger has you covered with their Apricot BBQ Sauce, Sweet and Heat BBQ Sauce, Traeger ‘Que BBQ Sauce, Leinenkugel’s Summer Shandy BBQ Sauce, Texas Spicy BBQ Sauce, Sugar Lips Glaze BBQ Sauce, Smoked Simple Syrup with vanilla and clove, Smoked Bloody Mary mix and marinade (you can eat it or drink it!), and Bee Local West Coast Wildflower honey.

Aside from anything edible, Traeger has a lot of non-edible items such as grill covers. Pro 575 is their 22 series full-length grill cover. Their other full-length grill cover is their Pro 780. Also included in their line of full-length grill covers is their Ironwood 650 and 885. In addition is their full-length grill cover in the 34 series and 850 series and their Timberline 1300 series and 20 series. They also have their wide Scout and Ranger grill cover and their Realtree full-length grill cover in the 34 series. The Select and Silverton both come in the full-length size, and they even have a cover for a fire pit, their junior, and their ill’ pig and their ill’ Texas Renegade and a PTG carrying case for all of your accessories.

Traeger also sells drip trays and bucket liners for the barbecue enthusiast who is also a cleaning enthusiast. They have a five-pack of Timberline 1300, a five-pack of Timberline 850, a grease pan liner, which also comes as a five-pack, a five-pack of bucket liners. A five-pack of drip tray liners in the Tailgater style, and the Ironwood 650 style, as well as the Pro 780 style and the Ironwood 885 style. And do not forget about the most popular of all, the Silverton, which also comes in a five-pack. The Scout and Ranger and the 34 Series and the Pro 575 and the Select Series of drip tray liners also come as a five-pack.

Traeger’s BBQ tools include their All-Natural Grill Cleaner, their BBQ Cleaning Brush, their BBQ Shears, their Large Cut BBQ Spatula, their three-piece Grill Hopper Magnetic Tool Hooks, their Pig Tail BBQ Flipper, BBQ Grilling Tongs, BBQ Grilling Spatula, their Pellet Storage Lid and Filter Kit, their Pellet Storage Metal Bucket, their Magnetic Bamboo Cutting Board, their Grilling Basket, their Digital Instant Read Thermometer, their Rib Rack, their BBQ Mitt in brown canvas and leather, their BBQ Food Tray, their Classic Super-Fast Thermae that comes with a Traeger Rub, their Cast Iron Reversible Griddle, their Chrome Bottle Opener, their Wooden Grill Grate Scrape, their Flexible Skewer Set, their Extra Grill Rack Little Texas 22 Series and 34 Series, their twelve-inch Cast Iron Grill Grate in the Silverton Series. And one in the twelve-and-a-half-inch size, their Cast Iron Porcelain Grill Grate Kit in the 22 Series, their High-Efficiency Power Inverter, their Smoked Jalapeno Popper Tray, their BBQ Multi-Tool, their BBQ Sauce Mop, their Silicone Basting Brush, their Chicken Throne, their Smoke Shelf, and much, much more! If you buy your husband or father or brother or son a Traeger Grill, you will never run out of gifts to purchase for them. There are so many great accessories to choose from!