Cedar TV Cabinets

Cedar TV Cabinets

As the retail store for PMH (Perfect My Home), an outdoor living space company, we saw the need for a custom, well-designed, handcrafted cedar TV cabinet that would not only give people the option of placing their TV outside while being protected from the elements, but also to act as an accessory to their projects, and in many instances, the focal point, that would match the look of the projects that PMH has become known for creating, like their pergolas, pavilions, and privacy walls. We also took into consideration their popular outdoor fireplaces and constructed our TV cabinets to fit perfectly above the mantel, with the option of being inserted directly into the brick or rock. We have spent years perfecting our cedar TV cabinets, and giving our customers the options of what size, style, and stain color, they prefer. What sets our cabinets apart is how they are made, their ability to keep dirt and moisture out, and the warranty that comes with them.

Tongue and groove doors

Our doors are made of interlocking cedar tongue and groove boards that do not allow the shrinkage of cedar to become a factor. This also gives it a very high-end look that will leave you in awe.

Custom routed edges

One of the most vulnerable areas on a cedar TV cabinet is the openings and gaps around the doors. We take the extra time to custom make routed edges so that when our doors are closed, there is no direct path to the inside of the box for water and dust.

Solid Top

Our Cedar TV cabinets have a solid top that does not allow any direct access inside the box from the top. This also makes for a much stronger box. This top is made from a one-inch thick cedar board.

Connection Points

All the boards are glued with high strength wood glue and are clamped until they have been dried. We also install pocket screws that keep these joints from separating. This is also another feature about our cedar TV cabinets that makes them stronger than any box you will find.

Solid Back

We install a solid 3⁄8” piece of plywood on the back that reinforces the cabinet and seals the back to keep rain from running down the back of the cabinet. This is an extra measure that we feel is necessary and allows us to install a French cleat on the back for a quick and easy installation.

Sealing the Cabinet

Our cedar TV cabinets are stained with Wood Defender stain, which is an oil-based stain that has sealer inside of the formula. This is the final step in the construction of these cabinets. Sealing of the cedar allows the water to roll right off the cedar rather than soaking into it. The sealer will also get into the gaps of the wood and create a deeper protection.

All of our cedar TV cabinets come with a one-year limited warranty

If you are interested in one of our beautiful and functional cedar TV cabinets, please let us know. There are multiple ways to purchase. Online at patiogalaxy.com is the best way. You can also call us at (844) 476-4652. We also showcase our cabinets in our showroom at 7940 NW 39th expressway Bethany, OK 73008. If you have any questions, please reach out to us! Our hours of operation are Monday – Friday 8am to 5pm or Saturday from 10am to 4pm.

Want to know how to make your own cedar TV cabinet?

Although our cedar TV cabinets look somewhat complicated to build, you can break down the construction of a cabinet in a few simple steps. The first thing you need before you start building is a plan. You need to know the size of the TV that you are wanting to enclose and any space around it that you will be needing for remote controls, soundbars or cable boxes. Make a simple sketch on a piece of paper with all your measurements so that you can draw out the width and height of the opening of the box and account for the frames on all sides. You will also need to make sure you have all the tools needed to build your cedar TV cabinet.

Here is a list of the tools you will need:

  • Drill
  • Circular Saw
  • Nail Gun
  • Clamps
  • Router
  • Sawhorses
  • Miter Saw

Once you have your tools and your plan ready, start making a materials list of all the sizes of lumber that you need to build the cedar TV cabinet. You will need quite a bit of space and a couple of sawhorses to set up the work area. A little prep work in the beginning will make this process go much quicker and it will be much less frustrating. Once you have that ready, you will want to follow these simple steps to build your cedar TV cabinet.

Build your doors first. Your doors will represent the opening that you want your TV to fit through plus the additional space you need around it. Everything will be based off these measurements so build the doors first. We like to use bi-folding doors, so you want to make four equal panels for that entire opening. Account for a quarter inch space for each gap between the doors. Depending on the look you are trying to achieve, you will want to pre-cut all your boards and assemble them once you have them cut. There are many styles of doors so pick one that you like and model what you see. We glue all our boards together and route out grooves in each board to interlock all the boards together. Our doors are also made with tongue and groove. This will give your cabinet the best chance at being waterproof.

After the doors are finished, make the frames around the doors leaving a quarter inch space. This will represent the entire outside dimensions of the cedar TV cabinet. Cut the back of the cabinet to be the same width as the frames in front. We use 3⁄8” plywood for the back for a strong support. Using the measurements, you got in the beginning, make your side panels the thickness you want to make them. The side panels are usually around ten inches wide. This depth of box will allow your TV and a swivel mount to fit inside with the doors closed.

Again, we recommend that you glue all your joints together and use pocket screws and routed gaps to interlock your boards. Use four-inch hinges that open at least 270 degrees. Between the small doors, we use two-inch hinges that open 360 degrees so that the doors can completely open.

Assemble your cabinet and put clamps on all the areas that are being glued so that the glue can have at least a day to set up. Once you are finished, put a top board on your cabinet that is slightly bigger than the width of the outside frames so that it will give the top a crown molding look. Ideally, this would be one big solid piece of cedar so that there will not be any gaps to allow water to get into. This board is crucial for making a watertight cabinet.

Now you are ready to stain your cedar TV cabinet. After you stain it, let it dry for a couple days and then install your handles and lock. Make sure everything works well. Open your doors and make any adjustments that you need or make any stain touch ups.
If you do not want to build a Cedar TV cabinet yourself, we would love for you to check out our pre- assembled boxes. We ship nationwide and can have it pre-stained for you and ready to hang on your wall.

When it comes to leaving your TV outside, you will want to protect it from the outside elements. One of the main questions that we get as a cedar cabinet maker is how we make it. A common misunderstanding is that they are completely waterproof. Although our cabinets are very water resistant, they are not 100% waterproof. However, there are several things that we do when building our cabinets that make them one of the best options on the market for protecting your TV. Here are some key features that we would like to highlight.