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Are you looking for the best Hot Tubs around.

Patio Galaxy has an enormous amount of selection and inventory.
Hot Tubs Edmond is your #1 place to see selection
and get the best price.

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Go Smart! Go Quick! Go hands free!

Are you looking for the best Hot Tubs around. Patio Galaxy has an enormous amount of selection and inventory. Hot Tubs Edmond is your #1 place to see selection and get the best price. We have 2 locations to serve you. Edmond and Bethany
So let’s get right down to the point. What makes Dimension One spas unique?

#1 – Ultra Pure Water (Water management system)

All of our Dimension one spas have ozone generators, often called “ozonators” for short. What is Ozone? The ozone generators produce an ozone gas which is a form of oxygen. The ozone generator uses electricity and and an ultraviolet light bulb to produce the ozone. The ozonator coverts O2, oxygen, to O3, ozone. Ozone kills germs and makes your water extremely pure.

Benefits of Ozone:

Purifies the water better than any other system
Uses less chemicals like chlorine. Too much chlorine isnt good for your hair, skin, or the environment.

Clearer water, maximizes spa comfort, water smells cleaner.
Dimension ones ozonator works automatically and 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Every day, the entire body of water is being recycled 10x a day. Now that’s impressive!

#2 – Patented Flex Therapy Pillows

Most of our spas have neck and shoulder jets built inside pillows that are adjustable and padded that cradle your head for ergonomic support. These Flex Therapy pillows are patented and unique to Dimension one spas. They are easy to reposition for all types of heights.

#3 – Threaded Stainless Steel Jets (Patented)

All of our Hot Tubs Edmond have threaded stainless steel jets that are built to last. This patented feature allows you to customize your seat or massage so that you get the best experience from every session you spend inside your hot tub investment. The process is very easy to do which takes less than 15 seconds. Another benefit to this is that you will never have to worry about repairing or replacing a jet. Just unthread it and replace it in no time.

#4 – Dynamic Massage Sequencer

Program up to six pre-programmed massage combinations to target different body zones to give you an amazing full-body hydrotherapy experience. The panel is digital that is not complicated to control. You can customize the massage. Some of the features of that customization include: pausing a massage in areas that you have more pain in, speed control, and time control. Pair this with the interchangeable jets, you are on your way to an amazing massage. The valves are also silent for a very peaceful experience.

#5 – SmartTub

We live in the world of convenience and innovation. When managing and maintaining your Hot Tub Edmond, Smart Tub has your back. This new technology allows you to manage your hot tub from the comfort of your own home or from a remote location. Manage your chemicals, temperature, and your massage settings all from your phone. The most amazing part of this feature is that it doesn not use wifi to work. It uses 3g and 4g which allows your wifi to be down and your hot tub to still work. Another unique feature of Smart Tub is that you can hire a spa maintenance company to monitor the maintenance of your Hot tub Edmond from a remote location.

#6 – Feel Good Features

One of the best things about Dimension One spas is that it brings the WOW factor to your area. There are many features that will blow you away.
Liquid FX incorporates lights and water to put on a show. Beautiful LED lights mixed with waterfalls and soothing waterfall sounds really make for an entertaining and relaxing for you and your guests.

Lounges that have a low center of gravity so that you don’t float out of your seat. Our lounge seat were made to give you the best and most relaxing experience ever. The strategic placement of jets will give your body the best therapy you can have.

Color selection– Lets face it. Colors bring the wow factor. We have some of the most amazing colors to choose from. Dimension one listens to the feedback which has led the the production of the most amazing color combos around. You will be blown away by the selection of colors you have. We also have select colors that have a textured finish that allow you to have grip and not slip when getting into our Hot tub Edmond.

Overall, we hope that you will do your research before you make your decision when buying a Hot Tub Edmond. Come check out our Dimension One spas and climb inside of them to try them out. We have a friendly and knowledgeable staff ready to help you and give you the best experience and deal possible.

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Patio Galaxy is also diligent when it comes to purchasing spas. We have inventory and can usually have one installed for you within a month depending on what you are looking for. We hope to see you soon!