Pergola Accessories

A Pergola Is Just a Pergola Until You Add Some Accessories!

A pergola is just a pergola until you add some accessories! We offer a wide range of add-ons to make your pergola as unique as you want it to be, and to make it more useful to fit your everyday needs. From lights to cup holders, we have everything you need, as well as the perfect gifts for your loved one who may happen to have a pergola in their outdoor living space! If you add a privacy wall to your pergola, you can add one of our popular cedar TV enclosures! Our cedar TV cabinets are also a unique style of enclosure for TV’s. Our very own custom, well-designed, handcrafted cedar TV cabinets have been copied, but the competitors’ styles cannot live up to the quality of ours. They give people the option of placing their TV outside while being protected from the elements, but also to act as an accessory to their projects, and in many instances, the focal point of their outdoor kitchens. We have spent years perfecting our cedar TV cabinets, and giving our customers the options of what size, style, and stain color, they prefer. What sets our cabinets apart is how they are made, their ability to keep dirt and moisture out, and the warranty that comes with them.

Café lights are a great addition to your pergola. We sell a style of café lights that come with a remote control that lets you change the colors of your lights and even combine several colors at one time. This feature is great for holidays when you want to make the colors of your pergola lights match the theme of the holiday. Red and green for Christmas. Red, white and blue for the Fourth of July, and orange for Halloween. If you prefer the clear white bulbs, that is an option as well!

We sell metal bands that can be affixed to your pergola posts that hold a variety of different items, such as a water bottle, a glass of wine, or a cell phone, or a remote control for the television that is inside your cedar TV enclosure. You can place as many of these on your posts as you want to! These are great if you are entertaining guests and you want to give them a place to put their keys or their drinks or their phones. Especially if you are having a pool party and you and your friends want to keep your important items like keys and cell phones dry.

We sell several sizes of our stain that can be used to make touch-ups on your pergola. Most pergolas require a fresh coat of stain after around three to five years but may occasionally need a touch-up on a post from time-to-time. It is always nice to have some stain available and on-hand if you need it. Our stains come in many different colors to match what you currently have.

If you have a smoker or a grill underneath or adjacent to your pergola, we have a wide range of lump charcoal to choose from. We sell all the most popular brands, and we even offer a subscription service so that you can have it delivered directly to your door. We also sell hundreds of different sauces, rubs, and dusts to season the meat that you are cooking on your grill or in your smoker. We even carry the utensils that you will need to use while cooking for your family and friends.

Patio Galaxy is your one-stop-shop!

You can order all of your pergola accessories as well as our popular cedar TV cabinets on our website at or you can call one of our retail sales associates and place your order over the phone (844) 476-4652. We also have a 13,000 square foot indoor and outdoor showroom at 7940 NW 39th Expressway Bethany, Oklahoma where we have individual appliances and full kitchens on display so that you can see and handle the products in person. We also have a Man Cave where we sell a wide variety of different sauces, rubs, and dusts for the meats that you will be cooking in your outdoor kitchen, as well as all the most popular brands of lump coal. Our tasting bar allows you to try before you buy, and you can ask your salesperson about our current specials!