Primo Smokers

Aside from being featured in our beautiful showroom, Primo Ceramic Grills, the popular American made,
kamado style grill that comes in a rich, shiny black color, has also been featured on the Today show, in
Men’s Journal magazine, Reader’s Digest, Cooking Light magazine, on Buzzfeed, and in Popular
Mechanics, among many other places!

As the Primo story goes, “It all began with an American tourist and a turkey.” Primo founder George
Samaras started out as a pharmacist in the Greek military, then began racing sailboats and captaining a
yacht for tourist excursions throughout the Greek islands. He met his future wife while at sea, and while
visiting her family over Thanksgiving, he instantly fell in love with his father-in-law’s kamado style grill
that he used to cook a turkey.

He bought one for himself and began shipping them back to his homeland of Greece. When he tried but
was unable to become a distributor, he decided to start making them himself. It took him several years,
but he finally introduced the Primo Ceramic Grills. He named them Primo, which means “the best” in

Primo became the first ceramic grill to be made in the United States. He even came up with the oval
shape, which he later patented.

What began in a 700 square foot room, is now headquartered in a 92,000 sq. ft. facility in Tucker,
Georgia where Primo ceramic grills are produced. Primo is available in more than 24 countries around
the world, including in our store in Bethany, Oklahoma. The same place where you can purchase one of
our very own custom, well-designed, handcrafted cedar TV cabinets which have been copied, but the
competitors’ styles cannot live up to the quality of ours. They give people the option of placing their TV
outside while being protected from the elements, but also to act as an accessory to their projects, and in
many instances, the focal point of their outdoor kitchens. We have spent years perfecting our cedar TV
cabinets, and giving our customers the options of what size, style, and stain color, they prefer. What sets
our cabinets apart is how they are made, their ability to keep dirt and moisture out, and the warranty
that comes with them.

  • The unique oval shape of a Primo Ceramic Grill allows you to grill, bake, roast or smoke.
  • Primo Ceramic Grills are made of premium grade ceramic that holds in heat, moisture and
  • Primo Ceramic Grills offer the highest sitting lid available allowing you to cook whole chickens
    and turkeys.
  • Primo Ceramic Grills have split grids that provide unmatched cooking options.

If you enjoy smoking food in your Primo Grill, you probably enjoy watching all the popular cooking
shows. Now you can combine both with one of our cedar TV cabinets in your outdoor kitchen. Here is a
great recipe to try on your Primo Grill.

Baked Spaghetti with Italian Sausage

8 oz spaghetti (or linguine)
2 eggs

3 cups shredded Italian Six Cheese Blend (optional: blend of mozzarella and Parmesan)
4 Italian sausages
24 oz spaghetti sauce

Heat the grill to 350 degrees for direct cooking, or grilling. Use softened butter or non-stick cooking
spray to coat the inside of an eight-inch oven safe baking dish. Grill the Italian sausages until done and
set aside. Add the spaghetti to boiling water and cook “al dente” for nine to ten minutes. Drain and rinse
with cold water. Beat the eggs and add to the spaghetti and mix thoroughly. Mix in one cup of shredded
cheese. Add the mixture to the baking dish. Quarter the sausages and evenly place them on top of the
spaghetti mixture.
Pour the spaghetti sauce on top of the sausages and spaghetti. Add the heat deflector racks and plates
to the grill for indirect cooking.
Place the dish uncovered in the grill and bake for thirty minutes. Add two cups of shredded cheese on
top of the spaghetti mixture and bake until the cheese is lightly browned (about 25-30 minutes).
Remove from the grill and allow it to stand five to ten minutes before serving.

You can order the entire line of Primo Grills as well as our popular cedar TV cabinets on our website at or you can call one of our retail sales associates and place your order over the phone (844) 476-4652. We also have a 13,000 square foot indoor and outdoor showroom at 7940 NW 39th Expressway Bethany, Oklahoma where we have individual appliances and full kitchens on display so that you can see and handle the products in person. We also have a Man Cave where we sell a wide variety of different sauces, rubs, and dusts for the meats that you will be cooking in your outdoor kitchen, as well as all the most popular brands of lump coal. Our tasting bar allows you to try before you buy, and you can ask your salesperson about our current specials!