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If you are someone who wants to control every aspect of your cooking, then we definitely have the grilling system for you! The Kamado Joe Divide and Conquer style of cooking revolutionizes the standard grilling setup and is sold as components so you can choose what you need. Divide and Conquer gives you three big advantages over your ordinary grill plating: twice (or more) the cooking space, custom cooking surfaces, and compartmentalized heating zones. This component is the deep dish pizza stone, which enables you to cook authentic, wood-fired, pizzeria-quality deep dish pizzas on your Kamado Joe. This piece can also be used to cook paella, casseroles, bread, and more. Always use this with the Kamado Joe heat deflector to keep the pizza from burning, and you should not season or oil this stone, as it comes ready to use. The ceramic will darken normally over time from use, and should be cleaned without cleaning solutions (which will absorb into the plate) and stored in a dry place. The secret of Divide and Conquer is in halving the individual pieces of the full system to a half-rack design, providing the versatility of multiple surfaces and temperature zones. This shrinks your workload, your cleanup, and speeds up the slinging of that delicious meal! Simply assemble the cooking surface the way you want it, and break new ground on your grill!


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